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something sat in your lap

(see the light ram through the gaps in the land)

it's norrific



January 16th, 2008

(no subject)

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Title: Bones
Fandom: Zombie Powder
Characters/Pairings: Gamma, Elwood. No pairings.
Warnings/Notes: None that I can think of, really. Vague timeline/setting-wise. Written for 10_quotes.
Quote: "If you lose this war don't blame me." - The General, 1927
Summary: Gamma believes in letting people make their own choices.

when it hits me / it could raise these bones again / and i wish that the rumbling / it would shake me 'til i'm still
I claimed Elwood & Gamma (friendship) over at 10_quotes. This is my list of chosen quotes -- it will be edited/updated with links to the fics as I complete them :D

quotelist for 10_quotes, Gamma&Elwood claim;Collapse )

December 3rd, 2007

Title: Unlock
Characters/Pairings: Setsuna-centric.
Warnings: Some violent imagery -- blood and destruction and stuff -- but if you've actually watched the show, that shouldn't bug you enough to turn you off the fic, I think XD Uh. Weirdness. 2nd person. Religious themes.
Genres: Character study, angst?.
Author's note: This is pretty short, and very experimental. Surreal 2nd-person character-study sort of stuff. You probably get the picture.

They say that God wants you.Collapse )

November 23rd, 2007

Title: Cardboard Ladders
Pairing/Characters: Renji, Rukia, eventually most of the cast.
Rating/Warnings: Eventually might become R or NC-17. For now, PG-15 or so. Lots of swearing in this chapter (hey, it's Renji).
Genres: AU/AR (alternate universe/alternate reality)
Author's note: This is a simple “what if” – what if Ichigo and Renji's roles in the plot were entirely switched, and Ichigo were Rukia's childhood friend from the Rukongai, and Renji the strangely powerful schoolboy to whom Rukia gives her shinigami powers? A number of other characters have been 'transposed' too, and I've tweaked some other plot elements, which I can't tell you about, of course, because that would be giving it away >D I'll be trying for as much ICness as possible, but since this is alternate reality, there will be some OOCness, though I hope I'll be able to explain and justify this and pull it off convincingly.


Cardboard Ladders
chapter one:
Little Universe

He'll find the truth waiting for him there.Collapse )

November 12th, 2007

Title: Buttons
Pairing/Characters: Uryuu/Orihime
Rating: PG-15? R?
Warnings/Genres: Dorkiness, not too much smut, kissing, het, timeline? what's a timeline?, general unjustified-sex-ness.
Word Count: Approx. 530
Author's note: Written for pr0ntober (although in my case it has now become pr0november, heh...)—_debbiechan_'s request, “Ishida/Orihime – ripped clothing”.
Summary: Uryuu has some... hang-ups. But that's okay, we love him anyways. And so does Orihime.

I've got a hole in me pocket.Collapse )

November 6th, 2007

Title: Serrated
Pairing/Characters: Grimmjow/Halibel
Rating: R
Warnings/Genres: Smut, character study?, swearing, violence.
Word Count: Approx. 330
Author's note: Written for pr0ntober (although in my case it has now become pr0november, heh...)—firstmidnight's request “Grimmjow/any girl arrancar - better than the last”.
Summary: There is nothing gentle about them.

Her eyelids shut and she almost smiles and in that moment Grimmjow knows that he doesn't exist.Collapse )

November 4th, 2007

Title: Carry-Ons
Pairing/Characters: Orihime-centric, briefly featuring Ulquiorra, with (onesided) IchiHime.
Rating: PG
Warnings/Genres: ... I dunno. IchiHime? XD Angst, brief, mild violent imagery.
Word count: Approx. 350
Author's note: This is a late (::kicks self::) submission for bleach_het's October drabble meme. The prompt I chose was “wishing on a star”.
Summary: In the strangeness and the chaos, Orihime clings to the only part of her she trusts.

Would you like the chance to shatter heaven? / Would you like to be the one who pulls the sky down just for me?Collapse )

October 31st, 2007

Title: Before We Land
Pairing/Characters: Kaien/Rangiku, Kaien/Miyako, implied Gin/Ran
Rating: R
Warnings: Softcore smut, het, adultery... angst?
Word count: Approx. 400
Author's note: Written for pr0ntober, nomoreprinces—“Kaien/Rangiku – infidelity never felt this damn good”.
Summary: We often need what we don't want.

I feel blood, I feel blood / Though it's streaming through my veins, it's not enoughCollapse )

October 26th, 2007

Title: On Your Shore
Pairing/Characters: Aizen/Gin/Kira/Momo in various implied and unrequited combinations. Actual physical Gin/Kira in the fic.
Rating: R
Warnings: Sort-of smut, slash, implied het, mindfuckery. And Gin. Gin is a warning to himself.
Word count: Approx. 700
Author's note: Written for pr0ntober, keikain's request—“Aizen/Gin/Kira/Momo – puppet strings” This is also more about the headtwisting than sex, but hey.
Summary: Gin, mindfuckery, unrequited feelings, yeeep.

Now I'm held hostage in my head / with every word you saidCollapse )

October 19th, 2007

Title: the All Roads Lead arc: Purchase
Pairing/Characters: Ichigo-centric, featuring Izuru and Grand Fisher.
Warnings/Labels: So far, AU, slavery. Oh yeah, and swearing.
Rating: PG
Author's note: As said above, this is AU—like, totally, completely AU. It's set in a universe modeled after the ancient Roman Empire. I'll try to make things as clear as possible in the narrative itself, but if anything leaves you going “what?”, um, just ask =D Also, just because it might not be clear, this isn't a oneshot... it's not really a multi-part in the sense of a coherently-plotted chaptered work, either. So I'm calling it an arc! Because I like the word!
Summary: Taken from his home in the Karakura Islands, sold into slavery, and bought by the Lady Rukia Kuchiki to be, of all things, a litter-bearer, one thing Ichigo definitely isn't is impressed.

Wings fill the window / And they beat and bleedCollapse )
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